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Zoolab Visit

We had a very exciting day on Tuesday. Heather from Zoolab came along with a giant millipede, a giant African snail, a corn snake, a tarantula, a cockroach and a rat. We learned about the different habitats where these creatures live and how they are adapted to survive in their environment. Heather was very impressed with the children’s knowledge and excellent questions.

“It was fun learning about the millipede. I was surprised to find out it has 240 legs! It felt tickly in my hands,” Daniel P - China Class

“The rat looked cute and cuddly but it has sharp claws. It has fur on its body to keep warm. I liked stroking it,” Lucy -  China Class

“I liked feeling the snake, it was cold and scaly. It is a carnivore so it eats mice,” Brooke - China Class.