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Our School Aims and Values

Our School Aims

At Fair Oak Infant School we aim to provide an environment where every child really matters and parents, school and the community can work together to create: 


A Successful Learner who: 

  • Enjoys learning and have enquiring minds 
  • Are motivated, confident and independent learners 
  • Has research and problem solving skills 


A Confident Individual who: 

  • Can form and maintain relationships and work independently or in a team 
  • Are aware of their strengths and weaknesses 
  • Can set themselves goals and work to fulfil their potential 
  • Take risks and can feel a sense of achievement 
  • Has self-esteem 
  • Can deal with change and uncertainty 


A Global Citizen who: 

  • Have a voice, join in and feel valued 
  • Is aware of and is able to express their own feelings and has empathy for the feelings of others 
  • Behaves responsibly 
  • Is aware of their rights 
  • Takes pride in their own culture and is able to respect the culture of others 
  • Make informed choices about health, relationships and behaviour 
  • Are treated as unique and individual citizens 
  • Is able to reflect on experiences which are personal and full of wonder 

Our School Values

Each year we introduce our Schools Values to the children. We began by asking 'What is a value?' We get many different responses, including: 'What something costs,' 'Something you show to other people' and 'They are how you are'.


The definition we are using with the children is 'A value is something that people think is important that will help make you a better person and a better learner'. 


All our values are being represented by an animal.


Our six School Values are:


To show we are caring we need to care for:

  • ourselves
  • others
  • the environment
  • things around us.


Caring is being represented by Caring Kangaroo.

Picture 1 Caring Kangaroo


In order to show we are creative, we need to:

  • have our own ideas
  • use our imagination
  • ask questions
  • try new things


Creativity is being represented by Creative Spider.

Picture 1 Creative Spider


In order to show we persevere we need to show:

  • we don’t give up
  • we try our very best
  • we are not afraid to make mistakes
  • we learn from our mistakes


Even when things are difficult.


Perseverance is being represented by Persevering Squirrel.

Picture 1 Persevering Squirrel


In order to show we can collaborate we need to:

  • work together
  • listen to each other
  • share and take turns

Collaboration is being represented by Collaborative Bees.

Picture 1 Collaborative Bees


When we reflect we:-

  • stop and think
  • use what we already know
  • ask questions
  • think about our learning


Reflectiveness is being represented by Reflective Owl

Picture 1 Reflective Owl


When we are respectful we:-

  • listen to others
  • show good manners
  • treat everybody fairly


Respect is being represented by Respectful Elephant

Picture 1 Respectful Elephant
Picture 1

Each year, the children can earn one of our School Value Badges, by showing they can demonstrate each of our School Values. They collect value stickers, which they place into their Values Passport. When their passport if full, they are presented with a Values Badge, a different colour for each year group.

Picture 1

At the end of each year we reflect on our School Values.  In assembly  we have been talking about how our school values have helped us become ‘a better person and a better learner’. Here are some of the children's responses.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3