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Sowing Seeds of Success

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Dear Parent,


On behalf of the children, staff and governors I would like to welcome you to Fair Oak Infant School.  We are very proud of our school ethos which is commented on by all visitors to our school.  We have approachable, professional and committed staff; dedicated and highly effective governors; supportive and caring parents and the loveliest children.


Our facilities and resources, both within the school and outside in the grounds, contribute to a high quality learning environment which motivates and inspires the children and values all of their efforts. In return, the children respect their environment and are very proud of their school.


We believe the first few years in school can be the most important in a child’s educational career as they can shape your child’s attitude to learning throughout our school and beyond.  All children have different needs at different times in their school career and we are here throughout to support them.  Although we are a large school, we treat every child as the unique individual that they are, valuing their ideas, personalities and supporting their development as they explore their emotions, formulate their opinions and learn to respect the opinions of others.


For children to thrive in school, it is essential they feel happy, safe and secure in order for them then to get the most from their school experiences. Children learn in different ways and have different strengths and skills, progressing at different rates.  We ensure that our exciting, motivating and highly enjoyable curriculum adapts to the children’s needs as required. 


Our aim is for every child to leave school at the end of each day feeling really proud of something, whether it is some amazing work, new learning, or helping a friend in need.


We look forward to working with you to make your child’s years at Fair Oak Infant School a truly rewarding time.


Together we will “sow the seeds of success”!


Yours sincerely


David Peart