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Year R

As part of STEM week we have been busy planning and designing our own bags. We used these bags to collect some Autumn treasures on our walk around the campus. Thank you very much to everyone who helped. We hope you enjoyed it too! We used our school values to persevere and to reflect what we would do differently if we made a bag again. We explored different materials to see if they would be good for a bag in the rain or a bag to carry something heavy.

Year 1

Year 1 have also been enjoying STEM week this week. We began by reading ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ by Ronda and David The book introduced us to the lighthouse keeper and his wife. We learnt how every day the lighthouse keeper’s wife packed up his lunch into a basket and sent it from their cottage, purched high upon the cliff, down to the lighthouse using a rope and pulley. We set about creating a model of the lighthouse and cottage. We then learnt about pulleys, and even created an electrical circuit using a battery and lightbulb to make the lighthouse light up! The children have made some incredible working models which they are keen to display around the school.

Year 2

This week we have all been Scientists, Engineers, Technologists and Mathematicians as part of our STEM week. The children have thought about many questions and experimented to find the answers. Winchester Science Museum and Planetarium visited with a mission to go into space. The children were asked to think about what would make a good spacesuit.

IBM visited and we were physicists and blasted off rockets, psychologists and tried to create a photo fit of Mr Peart and engineers to build bridges from spaghetti and marshmallows. The children were all amazed and engaged with every activity and had fun whilst learning all about different sciences. Thank you to Mr Coppen for organising the event and to his colleagues for supporting him.