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Ready Steady Cook!

You may have been peeking through the cookery room window, watching the builders come and go, but at last they have gone and we have moved in. Healthy eating and cooking has a high profile within the curriculum, and our previous cookery room was impractical and falling apart. The cost of redevelopment has been partly funded by Friends of Fair Oak Infant School and through our school’s capital funds, which can only be spent on building maintenance and development. We now have a new cookery room which provides ample space for children to move safely around the room, an island which allows children to work around and all worktops and equipment at their height.

This week Year One has been busy cooking food linked to their class country. The paint had only just dried before Spain Class were cooking Spanish Omelette on Monday, Tuesday saw Denmark make cookies, Italy made pasta sauce and Germany has made Lebkuchen (spiced biscuits).

The children have all enjoyed their cooking experience, and it was great to see so many children trying the food they cooked. Year R and Two will also be cooking in the coming weeks and we are planning further cooks over the school year.  They are also learning the important skill of washing up!