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New Laptops

During the Summer Holidays, our computers around school where upgraded and replaced, increasing the quantity in some areas and upgrading to interactive touch screens for the children. Over half term our computer network was upgraded further to Windows 10. This meant our new laptops/tablets could be delivered and installed. Over the last two weeks the children have been getting used to our new touchscreen laptops. We now have 32 within school, meaning every child within a class is able to work independently on their own laptop. Our IT Suite, which has now been removed, only had fifteen computers, meaning children often had to share or had a shorter amount of time learning in there if they were working individually on a computer.


A huge ‘THANK YOU’ to Friends of Fair Oak Infant School who have purchased and donated the laptops. This is a huge improvement in the technology we can use with the children, and now enables increased use within school, as well as enabling children to use the technology anywhere around school, both inside and out.