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Mill Cottage Farm Visit

In Year R our animal learning continues.  The children have enjoyed welcoming farm animals to school this week as Mill Cottage Farm visited.  The children found out about how to care for many different farm animals including pigs, alpacas and sheep.  Many of the animals were treated to a brush as part of the care routine.  The ducks, chickens and turkeys that were brought along showed the different types of birds that might be found on a farm.

“The farm was the best farm in the werld.  I licd the pigs.” Rhys

“The pics was plain in the grars they wur fends.” Lacey

Year R have been looking at creating short stories about an animal that has got lost. Lots of stories have been written in independent learning, some of these have been shared at story time.

“The rabit hopt away and his mum fowd him.” Charlie

“Once apon a time there was a rabbit She got lost and her mummy fownd her and she took her hoam” Summer