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Exchange of Rag Dolls with French School

Over the past couple of years we have exchanged class pets with the French school. Muzzy and our school mascot ‘Sam’ have already been on very successful visits. We in return, enjoyed having Madame vache and Popi stay with us.

This year the French teacher, M Bertrand Grenier, made, and sent us two rag dolls. The pictures show how they came to life during their time with us. I would very much like to thank the children, parents and grandparents who helped make these transformations --- it was very much appreciated on both sides of the Channel. ‘We are over the moon!! Lauren and Harry have just arrived in our school. They are really beautiful. Please thank the parents and the pupils. We are preparing the parcel for you!! Our pupils were so pleased, so were the adults.’  - M. Grenier.

We are now looking forward to seeing how the French children transformed their dolls.                         Catherine Spiers – French teacher