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Arts Week

Year R

What a fabulous Arts Week we have had, at the same time launching our new topic, ‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’ Many thanks to those of you who supported the children’s learning by taking them to a garden centre and helping them to produce some learning for our classroom displays. If you are working on something still, it is not too late to send it in! Many thanks too for the seeds you have sent. All the children have planted seeds this week and are eagerly awaiting signs of growth!

At the beginning of the week, we learnt how to zoom in to take close up photos of flowers on the iPads. The results were amazing! The children have used their own photos during the week and explored using different media to represent their flowers.

Year 1
In Year One this week, we have been getting very creative learning about our new topic ‘Rainforests’. It has been exciting launching our new topic in Arts Week. On Monday, we imagined we were visiting the rainforest. We thought of all the things we needed to pack. When we arrived, we spotted lots of different animals and types of plants! We looked through our binoculars and drew all the things we could see in the rainforest.

We have been very creative with clay this week. We practised ways to shape and mould clay and then we made an animal we would find in the layers of the rainforest. We finished our clay models by painting them with great care.

Year 2

Year 2 have launched their new topic The Great Fire of London during Arts Week with a visit from Tree Tops Theatre Company. Ben took us on a journey to London in 1666.

Year 2 have also created a dance to represent the fire; mixed paint to create a range of orange using red and yellow; today, we had a workshop from Hampshire Music Service showing us how to play the steel pans.