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Arts Week

Year R had a fantastic Arts Week  as they launch into their final half term in Year R.

They are rapidly becoming experts on coral reefs, where they grow, how they grow, and some of the creatures which live in and around them.

It has been lovely to share some of the learning with so many of you during our ‘Mums and Me’ afternoons. Thank you for joining in so enthusiastically!

Year R have been so busy making: shoebox coral reef scenes; clay tiles; painted pebbles; painted and collaged sea creatures; and scales for our ‘Rainbow Fish’. Also during the week every child has had a turn contributing to our year group coral reef weaving.

Year 1 had a brilliant Arts Week!  They have been Reflective Owls and used their knowledge of Rainforests to create many different pieces of ‘Rainforest Art’. They have used different media and techniques and have produced some fantastic Scratch Art, Layered Paper Art (Mola) and ‘God’s Eyes’. Thank you to the Mum’s for helping.

They enjoyed a Rainforest Workshop with Polly who took us on an adventure to the Rainforest. We had to be creative to use our bodies to make different animals that we might find in the rainforest then ‘pack our bag’ and travel to the rainforest. We climbed up a tree through the different layers of the rainforest and found lots of animals.


Year 2 have had a great start to the second half of the Summer term. We have all been getting very creative during Arts Week. Year 2 have been looking at rhythm with Junk Funk. We looked at how we reuse and recycle, we can make music and rhythms from almost anything we find at home. It was great fun and really allowed us to explore music at volume. Move over ‘Stomp’ look out because here comes Year 2.

We have been very lucky to have our Mums coming into help us this week too, with Mums and Me week. Year 2 have been making giant bugs to support our current topic ‘Bugs Life’. We are beginning to paper mache giant bugs ready for covering later in the week.

We have also created beautiful peg butterflies with the help of Emma Badley. They have really helped us get into the bug mood. It has been a great way to start our new topic. We have also had more mums helping us create and print polystyrene tiles. We have learnt new techniques when printing.

With the iPads and the help of the Ugly Bug Ball we have started to create our own animations of a bug adventure. We have been thinking of a problem and a resolution. This has involved creating a story and story boarding it before beginning to create it. It has been a very busy and creative week and we are very grateful to the help of all our Mums.