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School Lunches

Our school lunches are provided by HC3S, Hampshire County Council Caters. Lunch is cooked daily on site and is free to each child. Children are able to order their meal choice each morning. Children are able to change daily whether they have a school lunch or bring in a packed lunch from home. Scroll down for the weekly menus.


If you have any queries regarding the menus, please contact Mrs Helen Ford, Unit Supervisor in our School Kitchen on 023 8069 5281.



HC3S meets the Government's Nutritional standards which is a compulsory standard based on the types of food offered on the plate.


Fruit and Vegetables

HC3S use a mixture of fresh, frozen and tinned fruit and vegetables. Examples of which are:

•   potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, apples, pears, bananas and grapes are all fresh produce

•   peas, mixed vegetables and green beans are usually frozen

•   sweetcorn and pineapple are tinned produce.



All the fish used by HC3S is from well managed and sustainable fisheries.



HC3S has worked closely with a number of local suppliers and Hampshire Fare to find products suitable for our primary school menu. They currently use:

•   Hampshire beef in their burgers and meatballs.

•   Pork from estates in Hampshire and neighbouring counties is used in their sausages.

•   Free range eggs from the New Forest area.

•   Some locally produced milk.

•   Apple juice made in Alresford.

•   Cheese using milk from cows grazed in North and Mid Wales.

•   Vegetables from across Hampshire.



Bread, rolls and pizza bases that are handmade on site wherever possible.



HC3S is extremely proud to be the first and only school meal caterer to be awarded the Hyperactive Children's Support Group Award for Excellence in School Catering.  This award is for their primary school meals and to achieve it, they have followed the HACSG recommendations and with help of their suppliers, removed up to 70 additives from their products.