School Improvement Plan

Our school improvement plan provides information regarding the school’s self-evaluation and the priorities that have been identified for 2017-2018. It is used to help drive school improvement and its implementation is monitored by school governors. School improvement planning is a continuous process, consequently, this school improvement plan may alter over the year, as evaluations and reviews take place.


This year we have five improvement targets:-

  • Increase and develop leadership capacity, at all levels, to ensure accurate self-evaluation and planning to secure continual improvement across the school.
  • Ensure that playtime and lunchtime ‘systems’ run smoothly, ensuring that children’s behaviour and attitude is exceptionally high.

  • High quality teaching and learning ensures high outcomes for children in reading, writing and maths.

  • Develop the quality of teaching across the school to develop the use of adults, engagement of children, differentiation and assessment for learning.

  • Ensure classroom practice supports specific children with identified needs.