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Playground Development

We have started to think about the day our building contractor leaves the site, as this is when we can begin work on developing our playground. The expansion of our grounds is an ideal opportunity to review the space and type of play equipment children have access to. Our current trim trail will be removed to help open up the space and link our playground with the one we are acquiring from Fair Oak Junior School.


We have met with several playground companies over recent weeks who have submitted their designs based on our requirements. We are looking for equipment that:

  • is not a traditional trim trail.
  • has equipment that maximises the number of children able to use it.
  • has different points of access onto the equipment.
  • develops different skills or play opportunities. 
  • is suitable for children between the ages of 4 to 7. 
  • provides challenge for all children which develops balance, climbing, fitness levels and gross motor skills. 
  • is enjoyed by all children. 


Phase One

Area One

Area Two

Phase Two

Area Three

Area Four

As you would expect with such a large scheme, it comes at a substantial cost which has to be met by the school. We are looking at accessing several funding streams, including grants and a donation from Friends of Fair Oak Infant School, who are busy raising funds to support the project. We would love to hear from any parents who have experience of applying for grants and would be able to on behalf of the school. We would also love to hear from any parent who works for a company who offers match funding or would be willing to make a donation towards the project. If so, please contact the School Office.